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It happened in the seventies

By: Dieter Luske

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$E-Book - 9.99
It Happened in the Seventies An intriguing story of personal risk-taking, self-discovery and profound change. An inspiring read of a life-changing escapade Down Under

Do You Believe In You?

By: Dieter Luske

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In this book, Dieter has used his gift for rendering complicated issues simple. He gave the readers the path to self-awareness, showed us how to gain responsibility by recognising our

The Bearborn Dynasty

By: Dieter Luske

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Biographical-based parody fiction. - Humorous picture book for grown-ups containing over 60 hand-drawn illustrations. The name Bearborn dates back to 400 BC. Any similarities between Bearborns and other human beings

Blended For Intensive Flavour

By: Dieter Luske

$AUS 43.71
Coffee Table Book Conceived by Giselle and Dieter Luske A collection of curiously artful paintings, skillfully intermixed with smithereens of subterranean poetry, bordering on the incredible, enhanced with quirkiness.