It happened in the seventies - Book by Dieter Luske

A Memoir of Love, Colliding Worlds and a House on a Hill

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Born and educated in Germany, Dieter studied electro technique, graduated as the youngest ever with a Master’s degree, and had his first business at age 21. A few years later, he realised there is more to life than just earning a living. In 1974 Dieter and Giselle left Germany on a two-and-a-half-year discovery tour. During that time, they lived and travelled throughout Australia in a panel van and wrote stories about their travels for German magazines.

Dieter’s upcoming new book, “It happened in the Seventies“, revisits that exciting time and focuses on those life-changing events.

Dieter is the author of Do You Believe in You and co-author of 2 books with his artist wife Giselle. Dieter has published hundreds of holistic lifestyle philosophy articles and lives by his motto.
By attempting the impossible – one is meaningfully occupied (D.L.).”

The book It happened in the seventies, is published by LU-Books and will be released in February 2023 – “stay posted“.

Book Description
It happened in the seventies.

From the author of Do You Believe in You, an intriguing and personal journey of deconstructing a former life and discovering a new one in the 1970s.

Dieter had studied hard and had a business with 21, but felt in need of change by age 23, planning a two-year discovery tour in Australia.
Giselle and Dieter met on Christmas Day, they didn’t want a relationship, but the universe had other ideas.
Leaving their former life behind, they arrived in Sydney in September 1974, inspired to seek opportunities, take pictures, and write a book about Australia.
They lived in a panelvan and travelled for 2 years, facing the unknown and overcoming danger. Together they planned their next steps, their ideal lifestyle, owning a house, living self-sufficient with enough income from their future organic garden, photography, silver craft, art and other creative pursuits.
Devastating news arrived from Hamburg – dreams and reality collided.

Would they achieve their goals? Could they return to Australia?

Dieter Luske – Writer

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