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Chaos in Brainland - Self help book by Dieter LuskeChaos in Brainland - BUY NOW - Author Dieter Luske

A Guide for Creating a Stress and Anxiety Free Zone

The chaos in society is reflected in chaos between the ears, the territory Dieter Luske calls Brainland.

Dieter is a holistic counsellor with decades of experience and has conducted analysis in that most complicated laboratory – the self. You will discover dynamic techniques, different perspectives, and "First Aid Anxiety Response Hacks" to master your mindset and liberate your mind.

FREE for Kindle Unlimited or Paperback: $29.95 - BUY NOW

It Happened in the Seventies

A Story of Love, Colliding Worlds and a House on a Hill

An inspiring read of a life-changing escapade Down Under
Phil Brown – Arts Editor – The Courier-Mail

Edited by Lynne Lloyd

Publishing Services

LLOYD MOSS publishingLLOYD MOSS publishing

Whether fiction or non-fiction, LLOYD MOSS publishing will be delighted to assist you through the various writing processes and the preparation of your manuscript for publishing by:

Planning and getting started - Developing your writing skills - Appraising your manuscript - Editing and proofreading - Self-publishing your book 

Editing Service

Editing Service - LLOYD MOSS publishing

LLOYD MOSS publishing offers a range of editorial services from our comprehensive Developmental Editing, to our detailed Copy Editing and last, but by no means least, our scrupulous Proofreading.

When you engage a professional editor for your writing project and gain their input at the appropriate stage, you will produce a book which is high quality and error-free, one that will reflect well on you as its creator.

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Alchemix Recording Studio

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Out Now

It happened in the seventies - book by Dieter Luske

Out Now

Chaos in Brainland - Self help book by Dieter Luske

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Chaos in Brainland

Creating a Stress & Anxiety Free Zone
by Dieter Luske

Do you believe in you - Book by Dieter Luske


Blended For Intensive Flavou Book - by Giselle and Dieter


The Bearborn Dynasty Book bu Giselle and Dieter Luske

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